"Blindspot (The Rest" by Evan Gray (OUT OF PRINT--EBOOK ONLY)


"Blindspot (The Rest" by Evan Gray (OUT OF PRINT--EBOOK ONLY)


This is the ebook version of Blindspot (The Rest; the physical chapbook is sold out. All proceeds go directly to the author.

'Evan Gray's Blindspot (The Rest is a truly remarkable debut. In the idiom of W.C. Williams and Jonathan Williams, Gray describes, with precision and sensitivity, the devastating toll economic imperatives have had on the citizens and environment in and around his hometown of Boone, North Carolina. He is a poet of the local – only, in this case, the local flora and fauna are inextricable from suicides, tax collectors, deteriorating homes, and courthouse visits. Gray listens for and transcribes "the sounds / dying" in the blindspots that haunt us.'
- Alessandro Porco

'There is an exactness in Evan Gray’s pared down thinking in this stunning debut chap from a formidable emerging voice, and a constant questioning of ‘did I get it right’ even in all the wrought precision. Like Creeley, from whom we have an epigraph, we find a patient poking around outside the body and our whole worlds changed where a line is broken off… and where it starts up again. And like so much of Creeley, these are not love poems and yet they are always about love and true story you: your people, your land, what you see and what you know.' 
- Shelly Taylor

'Evan Gray’s Blindspot (The Rest moves with the assurance and conviction of its locality. Chiseled sonic landscapes (“gas station scratch off”) reveal a fine ear for the deep intoxicating rhythms of Appalachia, joyful and woeful. Gray’s poems attend a world perforated by the tenderness of luminous details: “the sun hum of diesel trucks/ mat black against the fender,” “a hill reflected in snowmelt/ leaks in the door”—place and the resonate history of place becoming, in all of its occult and transformative projections: “jake brakes vibrate through my bones […] my bones to/ become/ unknown animal.”'
- Nathan Hauke

25 pages, hand-stitched. Cover handmade by White Dragon Paper; each cover is a unique color, weight, and texture. (I.e., what you see may not be what you get!)

Brendan Walsh @ JockZenPoet

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