"Pizza and Warfare" by Nikki Wallschlaeger (Ebook)


"Pizza and Warfare" by Nikki Wallschlaeger (Ebook)


This is the ebook version of Pizza and Warfare; the physical chapbook is sold out. All proceeds go directly to the author.

Through a series of frenetic, densely lyrical prose poems, Nikki Wallschlaeger’s Pizza and Warfare foregrounds the linkage between abusive dynamics, globalized violence, and rampant consumption: pizza as both cheese-covered salve and wound. 16 pages. Hand-stitched with collaged endpapers.

My memories   are red space and today the rockets red blare so I order a pizza and I can think again writing through this slew of toppings    things that cover me made me

Listed as one of the best poetry books of 2017 by Entropy
Scherezade Siobhan @ Bruja Roja
Kimberly Ann Southwick @ Ploughshares Blog
Listed as a must-read @ Luna Luna Magazine

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